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A survey software program comes in two different classifications. Based on the platform, you may either go for the client type or the hosted type. The client classification of survey software refers to a program that is installed on your company’s workstation. Designated personnel are assigned to input data and manage the application. The hosted type refers to a web-based system that provides access to your survey staff and your customers anywhere in the world. You will find web-based products normally called the customer service web survey software.

Consider the data options your company will need most of the time. Take note of the capacity of a software to handle numerous types of data in a survey such as email addresses, names, ages, telephone numbers and physical address. Then consider the manipulation features of the software, think about how well the application will sort out, arrange and generate results based on a series of questions or criteria.

Well of course, survey software is not just about collecting data. It should be able to analyze the data and turn it into useful information. Some programs will automatically produce pie charts, bar graphs and other typical print out reports. A good survey analysis software cannot just do those, it can produce refined statistical reports, charts of cross tabulation, standard deviation, and interactivity with other office tools such as word processor in exporting analysis reports.

If you are into online survey software, you must consider the user friendliness. You may not take this seriously if your customers are not involved with your client base survey software. But if it’s web based, you will need to. If your customers find your survey interface dull and hard to use, then they’ll surely get turned off.

Get a good tech support. You may not know everything and the intricacies of the software, so it’s good to have a comprehensive software guide. Some vendors offer free tech support, while others don’t which leaves you with the last consideration, the price. It’s easy to get enticed with products that will save you a hundred dollars. In contrast though, the higher the price tag, the better the service.

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