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Is the Survey or the Respondent the Problem in the Quality of Online Research Data?

With regards to the quality of the data collected using business survey, people continue to differ in what actually can affect the results, between the survey itself and the respondents of the questionnaire. Some people believe that the both of these aspects can affect the quality of results you get from a professional survey.

At surveyforbusiness.com, we also believe that both the survey questionnaire and the respondents have a role to play in determining the quality of the results obtained. As such, we have been approaching this problem from both sides. With this regard, we managed to make a number of booked presentations at CASRO, during the CASRO Panel Conference held in New Orleans in 2010. Additionally, we made another presentation at the CASRO Online Research Conference, held in the Las Vegas in the year 2011.

Up to date, there has never been sufficient evidence to suggest that there are the bad and the good respondents in SurveyForBusiness. As a result, we carried out a research on engagement. In the research, we handled this data in a slightly different way; focused on this dichotomy in the types of survey respondents. While this is not such a thorn in the flesh, the issue needs to be addressed and carefully tackled. Our research continued for several months, during which we studied more than 1600 surveys. Additionally, the research targeted surveys in various product categories. During the research, we also focused our attention on hundreds of thousands of respondents over a considerable span of time.

Of the respondents of these business surveys, more than 20,000 are the ones who had been unengaged at least one time. At surveyforbusiness.com, we define unengaged respondents who have spent close to the norm on about 40 percent of the pages on a professional survey. Alternatively, these respondents may be described as the ones that speed on more than 25 percent of the survey pages. In the research, we sought to understand the point of the survey that such respondents started speeding and compared that to the length of the survey. Additionally, we also analyzed the unengaged respondents and compared them to the ones that spend time on at least one page of the questionnaire.

According to the research findings, if there was only one category of respondents, those driven bad throughout the business survey design, you should expect to see first time respondents speeding throughout the survey, relative to the length of the survey. This finding is essential in depicting the difference between the two categories of respondents.

Based on the findings of the research, unengaged respondents started speeding right after starting. As such, the design and the length of the survey did not affect the point at which respondents started speeding. Additionally, the respondents who spend on at least a page and remained engaged in the survey had a tendency to speed later on in the survey. The rate of speeding for the first time respondents varied with the survey length. With this in mind, it is possible to conclude that the bad respondents behave badly, regardless of the type of survey they are dealing with. It is also possible to conclude that the good respondents were driven to be good by the design of the survey.

This is mainly because our findings indicate that the first cases of speeding leveled after 8 minutes into the survey. It is very likely that you will come across these two types of respondents in any type of survey you are offering. Addressing the problem from the both sides, it is vital that you design better surveys. This may be achieved using tools such as the survey score from surveyforbusiness.com. This will not only keep the survey respondents engaged, but also keep off the bad respondents using tools like the Engagement metrics from surveyforbusiness.com. These tools are also important in preserving the data and ensuring high quality results that can influence decision making in your business.
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