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Methods That May Be Used to Send Surveys

We will guide you on how to present your survey to the respondents

So now you have formulated the questionnaire and selected the answer selections. How do you get the survey to the target audience?  Some of the preferred ways of sending a business Survey is though an email, linking it to a social media accounts, such as Facebook or twitter, or embedding it in a website. Regardless of the method you decide to use, this is how it should be done.

How to use a Collector?

At surveyforbusiness.com, we use the term collector to refer to any method used to collect survey responses. However, the term may refer to a response gatherer, a survey deployment mechanism or even a survey submission accumulator. We provide various collectors to our customers, including email invitations, embedding in company websites or posting on Facebook walls.

How are the responses collected?

We offer various ways of sending your surveys to the target audience. Some of the methods are mentioned below.

  • Web Link: While using this method, you should create a custom URL for the survey and email it to the respondents via your email client. Alternatively, you may post the link on your website or offer it as a pop up to the visitors on your website.
  • Email: After uploading your contacts to surveyforbusiness.com, you can easily create your custom email invitations or email lists and then send the professional survey via the email. This method allows you to track the respondents who have not taken the survey and consequentially send them reminders. ·        
  • Website: The other way to send your survey for business is by embedding it on your website. Alternatively, you may also display the business Survey to visitors on your website through pop ups.
  • Social Media Platforms: You may also use your social media account to send out the survey questionnaire. For instance, you can post it on your wall or that of your friend.
  • Purchasing Targeted Audience:  With surveyforbusiness.com, you can easily purchase access to the respondents, within your preferred demographic criteria. This is an excellent way to get targeted data from a certain group of respondents.

Tips on how to collect responses

1.  Creating An Automatic Web Link: After designing the professional survey, you should use the Edit Survey page to either post a URL link to the survey on your website or sent it to email.

Tracking the responses:  It is only the email invitation collector from surveyforbusiness.com that allows you to automatically track the responses.

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