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Exporting Filtered Results

While analyzing your data, it is possible to export the results, including the compare, filter and or show rules. From the saved and the current views, you can create a customized download, to suit your specific reporting requirements. The exports option can only be used by users with any paid plan on the website.

This option of exporting data that has various rules applied is essential in the following cases:

•    When downloading only the data that meets a certain criteria, done with the filter rule
•    When creating a cross tabbed report, doe using the compare rule
•    To create a report that only bears information from specific questions, done with the show rule

To export any data that has had rules applied; you will need to either export the saved view or the current view.

How to Export the Current View

It is possible to export data in the current view that has some rules applied to it by:

•    Clicking on the Export All button on the right upper corner of the page
•    Choosing either the All responses data or the Summary data
•    Selecting the Current View, next to the Data View
•    Selecting your preferred format and then clicking export

How to Export Saved Views

Alternatively, you may download the saved views. This is done from the Saved Views section of the page by:

•    Opening the Saved Views section
•    Clicking the downwards pointing arrow close to the saved view you want to export
•    Clicking Export view
•    Choose either All Responses Data or Summary Data
•    Select your preferred export format and ten click export

To customize the data view further, you may use multiple rules at the same time. However, only a single Compare and Show may be applied at once. Multiple filter rules may be use at the same time though.

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