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How to Preview and Test Surveys

Testing and previewing business survey questionnaires before sending them ensures that they are of the right design and settings. This procedure also ensures that you get the desired information, hence make informed conclusions. Particularly, you should ensure that the introduction of the professional survey clearly states the objective of the survey; the questions are clear, short and precise. While testing, you should read the questionnaire as though you were one of the respondents.

If you are posting the Survey For Business via email, you should sent the test questionnaire through the schedule page and see how it appears on the email of your clients.

Sampling a survey

To preview the survey questionnaire:

1.    Head to the design survey section of the questionnaire
2.    Click preview and test, at the top part of the page. This will open a new window for you to take the survey.
3.    Now ensure that all the features, like answer validation, skip logic, or piping and required questions as well as the logic of the survey are functioning properly.

Additionally, you may also share the preview link with your colleagues and get their feedback. However, this link should not be used to gather survey responses because the responses cannot be recorded while using this link. While collector options are not functional on the preview link, you can follow the steps to understand how the setting s works.

How to Test a Survey

To understand the survey experience of your Survey For Business, you should create a test collector to enable you test both the design and collector options of the business survey. The following procedure is applicable if you are trying to test a survey:

1.    Create a web link collector for your questionnaire: after creating this link, you will be provided with a link to take your survey instantly.
2.    On the left upper corner of the collector, click W and change its name to Test Collector
3.    Now head to the collector options and click responses per computer. Under this option, allow for multiple responses to enable you to test the survey several times.
4.    You should then edit the other collector options, based on your requirements
5.    You can the select the link and paste it on the browser to take the survey
6.    Now check to see how the results are displayed on the Analyze Results section
7.    You can then make your preferred changes to the collector options and the survey design
8.    After testing, you should delete the responses from the collector. Otherwise, they may interfere with survey results.

How to Test Email Invitations

Prior to sending questionnaires via the email, you can test the invitations by sending a test email from the Schedule page and then check to see how it appears in the email client. The following should be followed to test email invitations in a business survey:

1.    Formulate an email invitation collector. Alternatively, you may open an existing scheduled message or draft in your email invitation collector.
2.    Create the message and click on next
3.    Now confirm that the sender email address and click next
4.    At the bottom of your Schedule page, click on the test email. However, it is not possible to edit the test email address
5.    Check for the test email in your inbox or spam folder

Previewing this survey from your email is similar to previewing it from a survey design. In this case, you will not be able to test the collector options and your responses for the survey will not be recorded.
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