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Using your company theme or logo to create survey

An increasing number of companies and organizations are currently looking for ways to customize their surveys, in a bid to make the survey questionnaires match their brand. It is a relief to such customers that we now have a new Library feature that allows them to create such surveys easily and fast. At surveyforbusiness, you can only access this feature on the multi-user Enterprise plan. With this feature, virtually anyone in an organization or company can now create an attractive and branded survey, all the way from the marketing executives to the customer service representatives.


How exactly does this work?


From our website, any of our Enterprise admin will help you upload documents, images as well as themes that may be used by members of your organization or company to create a customized survey. This can be achieved within a very short period.


Uploading survey documents on the surveyforbusiness website will keep your entire team informed. The documents should be submitted in doc form and should contain survey policies as well as survey instructions for the company. These instructions are meant to guide our team members on how to write company surveys. At surveyforbusiness, we offer you very powerful tools to help your company get the answers it seeks.


With our state-of-the-art technology, you do not have to search your hard disk for the right image to use on your surveys. All you need to do is upload the appropriate logo to our systems, either from your personal computer or importing from a website. You should then attach a description of the logo. This description will inform team members on when and how to use the logo to create a customized survey for your institution  or organization.


At surveyforbusiness, we are offering you’re the chance to customize your survey to your preferred look and feel. Our system allows you to alter the typography and colors of the survey the way you like. All you need to do is come up with a customized theme and upload it to the library on our website, from where you can share it with team members. With this option, the team members can display the right colors on the survey.

Regardless of the size of the institution, organization or department you are heading, you can use our library feature to brand your surveys with your logo and themes. Additionally, our product team is still working on improving the features on the library feature.

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