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All online survey campaigns have one thing in common; they require a multi-tiered support system to be effective. Formulating and sending the online questionnaire to the target respondents is a process that requires both time and resources. This is particularly the case during the development process of the survey questionnaire.


 To pool the required resources together, you will require help from the management team in the business. Additionally, you will need to have someone to take ownership of the process and ensure its successful execution. Finally, you will need to recruit the support of the respondents for the survey campaign to be successful. Regardless of the type of online survey you are creating, it is advisable to have three levels of support, including survey participants, project owner and executive.




1.    The Executive




Recruiting the executive support starts right from the planning stage of the survey questionnaire. You need to set the objectives of the project, so that the executive understand what they are up to. For instance, you may be creating an employee survey; in this case, the objective may be how to improve employee retention. After the executive support has signed off the survey, you will need to ensure that they are in line with the plan.







2.    Project Owner



In your survey, you will need a project owner. This is a person who takes full responsibility of the project to ensure its successful completions. Having a champion for the campaign will greatly increase its chances of success. Your project owner should have the required expertise in the project as well as substantial time to devote towards the project, all the way from the creation of the online questionnaires to the insight-based action stage. This is the person who will be accountable for the success or failure of the survey campaign






3.    Respondents




The best way to incorporate more respondents in the survey campaign is creating awareness of the campaign in the first place. Additionally, you should also ensure that the questionnaire is designed in a manner that is friendly to the respondents. Awareness of the survey may be conducted by sending out email notifications and subsequent reminders to the target audience.





In addition to designing the online questionnaire well, you will also need to incorporate the three support levels for the survey campaign to be successful. You can also take advantage of the survey tools on the reputable survey sites to come up with an engaging questionnaire.


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