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Student Course Evaluations and Their Impact

What Is A Student Course Survey?

Student course surveys are confounding yet rewarding processes. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A student enrolled in a class takes a survey at the end of his time as a pupil, and the student’s teacher is evaluated on the basis of the student’s survey responses.

An even more in-depth example would be a student taking a history class. Usually in the last week of class, the student is given an anonymous assessment and asked general types of questions. 

How Does the Survey Improve Education?

Surveys are vital to constantly improving the education system and ensuring the right people are working. If a poor teacher is allowed to stay in a class for a long time, it will churn out students that are not adequately prepared for higher levels.

The survey is designed to help the teacher teach better, and it ensures the right teachers are in the right places. A teacher may have strength for a particular teaching method, but another may struggle with a particular type of curriculum.

Overall, surveys are vital because they are one of the few ways they can assess their teachers without going to interrogative measures.


The most important thing about these student course evaluation surveys is their emphasis on anonymity. You don’t want the teacher knowing which particular students are giving their feedback. The feedback should generalize and not focused on a single person. 

Anonymity ensures that students won’t be fearful of retribution from the teacher or professor if they were to ever have them again. However, you should also be mindful of students that may manipulate and embellish how poor a teacher really performed.

Students like these are often easy to detect as their feedback will often be vulgar or over-the-top. If you suspect that a student’s feedback may not be entirely genuine, that’s why it’s vital to investigate yourself and ask the teacher directly. 

Also, if you suspect the teacher knows the student directly, in some rare instances, it might be permissible to ask for a face-to-face meeting between the student and the teacher. The most important thing is ensuring the right teachers are doing the right work. You’re not in the business of making sure people’s feelings aren’t hurt. 

It may be awkward at first, but the longer you do these surveys, the better you’ll get at accurately assessing your teaching staff. 

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