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Get all survey answers with the industry’s premier survey platform

Create and send surveys readily

A standard opinion poll? Thorough Market Research? SurveyForBusiness helps you take the right decision. Create any type of survey - simple or complex - with our profound and easy-to-use survey generator.

Multiple types of question
Personal logo and branding
Page and question branch logic
Mobile App
Surveys can be sent via mobile, web, social media

More levelheaded decisions with data

Make the most of our dependable analysis for data-driven decisions. Get responses in real-time, get the data to gain insight, and readily share graphs and reports.

Real-time results
Text analysis
SPSS integration
Custom reports
Filters and cross tables and much more

Designed for your business needs

Your entire organization needs more power and more customization. Manage multiple users with SurveyForBusiness Enterprise, facilitate billing, and manipulate your entire survey data in one place.

Coalesced account management

First-rate support

Data integrity

Advice from experts and the first-rate support

At SurveyForBusiness, we will assist you with all the questions - from the template design to getting answers to your product-related questions. Find the right questions with the help of our experts-certified survey templates. Use our fast and friendly support via e-mail and phone as well as our reliable library with tips and tutorials.

Hundreds of expert templates
E-mail support - fast and friendly
Tips on surveys and tutorials

Industry-leading safety

Thousands of companies trust SurveyForBusiness. We use state-of-the-art technologies to protect your sensitive information and protect your privacy.

Data is protected and validated by Norton and TRUSTe
Centralized Enterprise Administration

Whether small questions or great decisions – at SurveyForBusiness, we help you to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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