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Create responsive professional online surveys effortlessly - Survey For Business helps you to create attractive and responsive online surveys that are mobile friendly. Your targeted customers and participants will just appreciate the ease of use surveys and render you with maximum response rates.


Create your questionnaire - Create your professional online questionnaire with our innovative and hard& fast survey tool. The range of questions for every topic we feature is comprehensive, so you will be spoilt for a choice when it comes to choosing from them. Based on your personal preferences, you can edit the ready-made questionnaires using your preferred colors and logos. There is no need for installing third party software to create online survey. All you need to get started is a web browser and a user account!


Carry out your survey - You have the flexibility to choose any person to take your surveys i.e. from your punters, employees, kith and kin or website visitors, to any person you guess fits your targeted audience’s standards. Share your Market Research Surveys by a variety of means viz. your website, email, social networking websites etc. Because our questionnaire is responsive, it means your participants can attempt the questionnaire not only on desktop computers but also on mobile devices such as mobile phones, notebooks, tablets or smartphones etc.


Explore your results - The feedback that your targeted audiences or participants give will be displayed in real time. You are allowed to view distinct responses as well as explore aggregated reports. All the responses will be automatically shown to you in graphical (diagrams) and quantitative form. Moreover, you can filtrate the results by date, answers (cross tabulation), totality and so on.


Transfer your results - Transfer all the feedback that you have collected to Excel or Comma Separated Values (or CSV). This data can also be imported into Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (or SPSS). Save your automatically created diagrams as images and paste them into Word, PowerPoint, etc. or simply save your comprehensive report as a PDF document.


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