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An online comment card is simply a brief survey that is meant to allow the consumers to rate their experiences with a certain business. They are a great option if you would like to collect the opinions of your customers, regarding their experience with your products and services. As a business owner, knowing the opinion of your customers is important. As a business manager, or maybe a restaurant owner, you may also use these comment cards as complaint management systems to identify the various aspects of the business that have to be addressed. According to experts, how you listen to the opinion of your customers matters. The feedback from consumers ranges from strategic to tactical. As such, companies need a comprehensive voice of the consumer capture system in place.

Why you need comment cards

Such a system should be capable of capturing, analysing and taking the appropriate action, based on the results. Comment cards are effective solutions, with regards to gathering tactical feedback that is user initiated. When coupled with representative sampling and a careful selection of the targeted audience gives companies a complete voice of the consumer tool kit. Such a tool kit is very essential for various businesses when it comes to addressing the tactical issues at hand, as well as the more complicated branding considerations.

How should the cards look like?

Online comment cards should be properly personalized, such that they have the same feel and look as the company brand. Such a comment card will allow the visitors to your website an opportunity to explain their dislikes of your goods and services, praise your goods and services and even offer suggestions on various aspects of your business, in their own words. Prior to filling the comment card, the visitors will be required to indicate the nature of comment they are about to leave on the website. This allows the company to categorize the comments by type and isolate the various issues addressed by the consumers.

After receiving the comments from the customers using an online comment card, you are supposed to analyze them keenly using an interactive dashboard. Some of the dashboards available today feature a one-click concept, making them more suited for this type of open-ended feedback. The results obtained using the comment cards may be displayed either on a score card or just trended over time using a section of 6teh site or by page. Comment cards are an outstanding mode of data collection.

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